Patient Testimonials

“I have received great benefit from Joa’s treatments. Not only did they help ease my lower back pain, but I have had a significant decrease in my blood pressure and increase in general well being. She has approached my treatment with a professional but friendly manner.

Explaining both the treatment and the reasoning directing her choices allows me to participate in my treatment. In today’s atmosphere of “do as I say because I know better”, this approach to health care is both
reassuring and encouraging.”

~Ann Allen

“Joa, I just want to make you aware of how greatly you have assisted me. As a Bering Sea fisherman who leaves home for months at a time I become extremely stressed those last couple weeks before I say goodbye to my family. You always manage to minimize that stress.

When I return home battered and exhausted you heal my body and put the life back in my soul. I always feel good mentally and physically when I leave your office.

So thank you, and keep up the good work!”

~Tom Giacalone

On my initial visit Joa impressed me with the positive and confident approach she took to my situation. She never suggested that the approaches the doctor recommended were inappropriate but rather explained that exercise, and yoga in combination with acupuncture could, and probably would, be successful.

After several weeks of treatment I noted a slight decrease in pain but, the following week the pain was worse than ever before. Joa was not discouraged but calmed me with her confidence and the fact that we needed time to be successful and additional procedures such as cupping. Her optimism enabled me to maintain my positive attitude and, after several more combination treatments, I began to note less and less pain. Not only was I comfortable during my activities of daily living and sports, I was sleeping comfortably as well.

Today, I am virtually pain free and Joa is just as excited and pleased as I am. I am sad that she is moving (to Yakima) but it is comforting to know that ancient practices that have worked for millions of years have worked in 2006 for me via this delightful professional. Thanks to Joa, I am working, playing and sleeping again, not on pins and needles, but in comfort.


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