Pain Management

Say Goodbye To Your Pain

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Every year, millions of people walk into acupuncture clinics around the country seeking an alternative treatment for pain. It is the most common complaint among clients.

Pain serves as a defense mechanism to alert the body that something is wrong or out of balance. While medication may alleviate the symptoms associated with pain, it does not resolve the root of the problem that is causing the pain to present. If left unattended, pain will continue indefinite and quality of life will depreciate more and more over time as it become more chronic.

How We Can Help

After a thorough exam and evaluation of your medical history has been conducted, we will develop a unique treatment plan that is aimed at address your specific needs with regards to pain relief.

Along with a course of acupuncture treatments, we may also incorporate:

  • A change in dietary habits
  • Use of herbal medicine (depending on your health history)
  • An exercise regiment
  • Referral to massage therapy as a supplement to acupuncture
  • Other adjunct therapies, such as Yoga

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