Gastrointestinal Disorders

Improve Digestion

More and more patients are seeking out acupuncture for digestive issues. Today, ten percent of the population reports symptoms of acid reflux. Assimilation of our food is the foundational energy that feeds our body, mind and spirit. Humans’ digestive systems haven’t changed over the last few hundred years but exposure to processed foods, chemicals, pesticides and genetically altered foods are adding new stressors to our digestive tracts. As a result, food allergies are now commonplace in our culture. Acupuncture helps strengthen the organ systems responsible for the entire digestive process. Dietary recommendations vary according to individual constitutions and seasonal changes.

Acupuncture treatments will focus on re-establishing the proper motility of the entire tract. Some patients need the digestive process to slow down so that their organs have time to break down and absorb the nutrients while others need to speed up the digestive process to reduce intestinal “phlegm and heat”. Whatever the Gastro-Intestinal disorder may be, acupuncture can help regain balance. Treatment plans vary greatly depending on severity of symptoms but will usually begin with one to two treatments per week.

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