Asthma Symptoms

Breathe Easier

Minimize the frequency and severity of your asthma without corticosteroids

There are many different contributing factors to treating asthma. Those of us with asthma know about triggers such as allergies, exercise or emotional stresses. Asian medicine also recognizes these and approaches the symptoms by determining and treating the root cause. Prevention is key with asthma. Strengthening the organ systems that are responsible for proper lung function is usually the approach. This may include the kidney and adrenal systems, the liver, the digestive tract and associated organs as well as the lungs themselves. By doing this we seek to eliminate the initial response to the triggers rather than trying to treat acute symptoms. Patients have experienced an improvement in quality of life, a reduction in medications and in some cases a complete elimination of breathing difficulties. Acupuncture is most commonly used in conjunction with Western medicine to relieve symptoms.

Treatment plans can vary widely depending on whether or not the patients’ symptoms are chronic or acute.

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