What Do We Treat?

Restoring Your Inner Balance

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Specialized Plans

Restoring balance to the systems of your body can only occur when the root of the imbalance is identified and treated directly.

Since every patient is an individual, we tailor a treatment plan that specific to the individual. This increases the likelihood of bringing a successful resolution to the ailment you had been experiencing in a productive, timely manner.

Our Approach

Our practitioner will perform a physical evaluation of the patient by examining specific parts of their body, such as the tongue, as these parts of the body will often reflect the underlying condition that is affecting the patient.

After the medical history review and physical evaluation are completed, our practitioner will work with the patient to devise an individual treatment plan to address their condition. It is important to remember that everybody’s body is very different and will therefore respond differently to treatments; this may impact course of treatment and its duration.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) aims to correct the underlying cause that trigger an internal imbalance within the body which, when successfully complete, will bring about a lasting relief. It is strongly encouraged that the entire course of treatment be completed for best results; this will require patience and persistence from the patient.

“I always love Joa’s treatments. They have a miraculous effect on my chronic pain and inflammation area. If you haven’t tried acupuncture before I suggest you do and Joa has the right touch.”

Stevens, D.

We Can Help With:

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